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The Burgess Edge is introducing another revolutionary router bit. The sheer-cut bit is unique because it can transform to execute several different functions with clean cutting action.

The Burgess Edge now in five retail outlets.

The Burgess Edge System has been reviewed in:

April 2004 WorkBench Magazine
American Woodworker
Woodworker's Journal

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Revolutionary Edgebanding

The Burgess Edge is a patented, matched pair of router bits or shaper cutters that enables the user to edgeband plywood in a unique and superior edgebanding process. The Plywood Bit excavates the inner plies on the edge of the plywood; its two bearings follow the surface veneer. The Insert Bit shapes a natural wood insert of the same species as the plywood veneer; its bearing follows the wood. The resulting edge resembles a jointed board in appearance and durability.

  • Create plywood cabinet doors with this simple and beautiful edge treatment
  • Use the Burgess Edge method to enhance the appearance of plywood shelving
  • Use the Burgess Edge to create extra deep door jambs from plywood
  • The Burgess Edge eliminates the need for cabinet face frames
  • The Burgess Edge works exceptionally well for curved applications
  • The Burgess Edge eliminates cupping from wide glue-ups
Burgess Edge router bits

The Burgess Edge is now available as a shaper bit. The shaper bit operates using the same technical features as the original Burgess Edge Router Bit. The advantage of the shaper bit is the user can employ his or her power feed in conjunction with the shaper table. The power feed advances the plywood a uniform pace at the same time it holds it down firmly on the table. The shaper bit is the answer for the shop that requires production speed.

Burgess Edge shaper bits

The plywood bit has two bearings which ride on the thin veneer of the plywood edge as the two cutters excavate the inner plies. On the shaper, the bearings make the bits foolproof as well as quick and easy to set up.

The insert bit has a center bearing that follows the edge of the natural wood fill. The insert bit creates a matched positive shape that exactly matches the negative excavation created by the plywood bit in the plywood.

Both shaper bits are shim able, as were the original router bits, in order to compensate for variation in material thickness. This feature gives the end user the control he or she needs to alter the appearance of the edge. They can make the edge of the veneer as thin and delicate as they find aesthetically pleasing.

The Burgess Edge Shaper bit has a 1 1/4” bore and is approximately 3 1/4” in diameter and is powder coated. The requisite shims are supplied with the bits to cover the range from .660” to .750”. The Burgess Edge shaper bits come in a black plastic, protective carrying case. 1/4” cutters are available and can be added to increase the material thickness the shaper bit can handle.

The Burgess Edge logo
Michael Burgess
210 Browns Road
Lincoln, VT 05443


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