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For the mass fashion brands, since the department store, louis vuitton outlet round discount, of course, will not participate in any discount, but do not want associating with international brands. Usually these brands to leisure as much, as long as the price is right, like a good how to match, there are several challenges for quality assurance body anyway. Brands such as LOUIS VUITTON general I goods is limited only to participate in such sale will be similar to EON once a year of the sale. Discount international brand apparel accessories, fashion has always been a favorite, coats, handbags, wallets, belts, shoes should be purchased first choice, especially little change in the traditional classic is the shot of choice. Stylish brand Louis Vuitton, discount sales, also fearing, affecting the mood of the old customers, generally to participate in the sale of the old international brand offers an affordable opportunity. Such a wide selection of goods, is a good opportunity to test personal taste. Personality do you have to choose a single product, and often unexpected clothes with wonderful results.

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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton released 2012 annual early autumn series of Women, gorgeous perfect combination of fur and cashmere, leather coat with a retro feel full of small suits, as if brings us back to the 1960s. A large fluffy fur in vest, fur collar, cuffs and so many, is simply addictive. The use of a large number of warm colors make Louis Vuitton 2012 spring and summer series of handbags looks maiden flavor. Designers hollow plastic bag, perspective bags, travel bags and pumping with bulging bags and other styles associated with generation of memory to be improved, a modern full chains, as well as LV LOGO printing and other decorations, these full of childhood memories of a single product is make it your favorite?

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Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer series interpretation of the perfect Mediterranean style, in the Mediterranean sun, everything very light color is a unique operation. Such an atmosphere, Louis Vuitton 2013 spring and summer series of spontaneous cultivation. louis vuitton handbags the main colors of the series for the blue, white, pink three colors - contrast collision, as if under a cloudless blue dome of the church of the Greek islands, white walls with eye-catching pink polychrome mosaic vine. Monogram Vernis patent leather louis vuitton handbags, accessories and louis vuitton shoes types: light as onion skin scarf, soft beach towels, shallow mouth high-heeled shoes, flat sandals, braided rope at the bottom of platform heels. In order to form a balanced dazzling printing, clothing line for women with a simple silhouette with a solid color: smooth and flawless silk, cotton crepe same pure white, pale blue expanse of the performance.

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Brown and beige, white Damier Louis Vuitton Damier legend brand classic Damier louis vuitton bags mesh pattern is transferred soft and delicate calfskin, bump firm and resolute lines Plaid unique, three-dimensional, such as disaster relief section For a time, men's winter show debut flame red gray Damier Infini schools and Onyx Black series, bringing a fresh feeling, in 2013 spring and summer continue to offer dark brown and pale yellow rainbow of brilliant colors.

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Kim Jones at Dunhill three years to make this louis vuitton UK men's classic brand new series with younger breath, and yet the old elegance. The main reason Louis Vuitton men's season has been more than Paul Helbers After delivering 2010 men's winter after recently said there will be "a new program to be executed" and give up this job openings, Kim Jones will be in Paris this week is being published in Women time announced to take over Louis Vuitton men's department, and with being a creative director Marc Jacobs brand with cooperation. Kim Jones at Dunhill released after completion in 2010 spring and summer men quietly left, while in the 2010 Winter Men quietly released again only after the next Louis Vuitton men's. Completely outside the critical juncture of personnel changes, people feel it all seems to lay all have well-planned layout.