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Michael Kors famous American fashion designer, has a name in its own clothing brand. He is a minimalist design style simple and clear, like the use of advanced fabrics sewn clothing, cashmere knitting style is his forte. He also specializes in designing luxury sportswear, was a visionary is not detached from reality, love Paris, New York, based on his sui generis design, has won worldwide attention. michael kors outlet in addition to concentrate on his own brand outside now won the Emmy-nominated reality show to provide clothing. In addition, also for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar magazines.

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FASHION'S NIGHT OUT began in 2009, aims to help the fashion industry, the integration of the shopping and fun. MICHAEL KORS "FASHION'S NIGHT OUT" activities of the U.S. fashion magazine "Vogue", Association of Fashion Designers of America, New York City Tourism Board and the strong support of New York City, has become across 18 countries, truly global event. Michael Kors competition having the wind on their own as the initiator of this proud.

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For today's Paris Fashion Week rolled up a new wave of American designer craze, Michael Kors view is: It is now the era of internationalization, has no borders, people wearing the same clothes, but according to the different needs change. michael kors outlet online to Paris from the previous development of the Japanese, to today's Belgian designer, British and American help, indicating michael kors is international.

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MICHAEL KORS brand fourth annual "FASHION'S NIGHT OUT", the upcoming September 7 to September 11 the new appearance, when michael kors outlet online store will launch designers carefully concocted "limited pilot trilogy." This three limited product only in "FASHION'S NIGHT OUT" held during michael kors outlet online store foreign sales. "The pilot glasses have a lasting charm," Michael Kors says, "they appear in our show every game, every quarter and every one brand advertising the film."

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michael kors outlet store "limited pilot Trilogy" the most important single product is the classic aviator sunglasses - always walk in the trend of cutting-edge Hyun flash glasses, and the designer's signature as decoration. michael kors outlet store "such a classic aviator glasses, can be used with any single product, applicable to any place," Michael Kors says, "You can wear it to the Italian Amalfi Coast, go to Sydney's Bondi Beach vacation, or go to SoHo shopping. - they are always so chic, stylish, beautiful.